Nuclei Cheat Sheet

How to Install on Ubuntu

  1. ssh into the Nuclei ubuntu box
  2. sudo up
  3. Install unzip
    1. EX: apt install unzip
  4. Install Nuclei using the binary
    1. Navigate to Releases · projectdiscovery/nuclei (
    2. Scroll down until you see assets
    3. Right click the the nuclei_<ver>
    4. Select copy link
    5. Go back to the terminal
    6. Type wget, space and past the link
      1. EX: wget
    7. Press enter
    8. unzip the nuclei zip file
      1. EX: unzip
    9. Move the unzipped file to the /usr/bin/ directory
      1. EX: mv nuclei /usr/bin/
    10. Test install by using the following command
      1. nuclei -h

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